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Think Pretty. Feel Pretty. Be Pretty Fit

Think Pretty.
Feel Pretty.
Be Pretty Fit.


Who is Pretty Fit?


My name is Jiyan Hasan, but I go by Pretty FitJ.

I was born in Duhok, Iraq, and moved to the U.S. when I was 5.

As you might imagine, that was stressful at times. It was a total culture shock. I struggled with my weight my entire life—stress eating is a difficult thing to stop. As a result, I tried every diet plan and pill possible. FAIL! Chances are, you have done the same, so you know what happened: a yo-yo effect that is even less healthy than maintaining a heavy weight.

It was, unsurprisingly, stressful. I lost it many times when I felt that I could not control my weight gain time after time. I was your typical awkward preteen. Chubby, with acne and a sweet yet painfully shy personality. I was self-conscious about everything, most of all my weight. This led me to bulimia. With no knowledge of weight loss, I took drastic measures in the hopes of losing weight and increasing my confidence. However, I realized that instead of helping my situation, I was only hurting myself.

What does it mean to be Pretty Fit?

Different shapes, Different backgrounds, Different lifestyles, All after the SAME GOAL…to be Pretty Fit and Healthy!

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Tone It 12: Customized Meal Plan and Training Plan
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Pretty Fit Home Booty Program
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Legs And Glutes Training Program
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