How To Stay Motivated?

Keeping the same drive and motivation from the start of any goal is difficult, reason many people never reach their full potential. We create mental blocks that hold us back from making it any further than where our mind will let us go.

I want to share with you guys how I stay motivated. Everyone has his or her own strategy. What I’m going to share has helped me stay motivated me through all of life’s courses I have taken, and I have taken more than many could handle.

Motivation is not magic. It does not come in a bottle. There is no secret ingredient for it. But it’s something you can tap into with desire and passion. That is the main two things that have helped me push further than my mind would allow me at times.

Below I want to share my best 8 tips in helping you staying motivated:


1.    Set a goal and visualize it

Write your goals down on a piece of paper. Make a vision board.

Write out small post it notes and place them in areas you will see it most (fridge, bathroom mirror, etc.) Picture yourself exactly where you want to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Let your desire drive you to your destination.

2.    Make a list of the reasons you want to accomplish the goal.

You have to have a good enough reason to want to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. You must have a purpose in why you want to achieve it. It could be an emotional reason, a health, or simply personal growth.

For extra “success assurance,” write your list with a pen. Studies show that when we write by hand and connect the letters manually, we engage the brain more actively in the process. Because typing is an automatic function that involves merely selecting letters, there’s less of a mental connection.

3.    Break the goals down into smaller pieces and reward yourself each time

If you take on a project and try to do the whole thing all at once, you’re going to be overwhelmed. So I suggest you break each goal down whether you think you can achieve it in a week, month, or year. Don’t sell yourself short either. Push yourself a little more than your mind allows you to. You will feel more accomplished when you beat your mind at your own game.

Neuroscience tells us that each small success triggers the brain’s reward center, releasing feel-good chemical dopamine. This helps focus our concentration and inspires us to take another similar step.

4.    Watch and read motivational stories or speeches.

This is the one that has helped me MOST! If you are like me I need words of affirmation to push forward with any goal and I need to hear it often. As kids we either received it from our parents or teachers that encouraged us to keep pushing. As adults we are so caught up in ourselves that we don’t give as much so therefore less is given back. We crave it just as much if not more as adults then we did as kids.

Here are just a few examples of the speakers I listen to: Les Brown, T.D Jakes, Eric Thomas, Abraham Hicks, and Tony Robinson.

5.    Eliminate your distractions.

Identify anything that's causing you to procrastinate, and get rid of it. That could mean people, places and things. Don’t go places you know will fail you. Don’t go around anyone you know will take you from your goals. Don’t bring anything into the house that will cause any temptations. You can't become motivated if your environment is set out to fail you. REMEMBER YOUR GOALS. STAY FOCUSED!

6.    Give yourself breaks.

Sometimes even the most determined people get overwhelmed. Me included. You may be burning yourself out, and a much-needed break might be just what you need. If it is a fitness goal, maybe take a three- or four-day rest instead of your normal one- or two-day rest. Still remember your goals. If it is at school, don't try to do all your work in one sitting, but stretch it out over the course of the day or week, if possible. That small break will bring your passion and purpose back to life like the beginning. Don't dwell on failure; just accept it as a human occurrence, and continue working towards your goals.

7.    Raise the bars high for yourself.

Hold yourself accountable in your own eyes and the eyes of others. Tell your friends and family about things you plan on doing. If you don't do these things, they'll know, and you'll be embarrassed - now you have a great reason to get started! Set personal penalties for yourself if you don't act – don’t go out until you get things done. Celebrate when you do get it done. It has helped push me further every time.

8.    Surprise yourself.

Complete a task you thought you could not accomplish. The best rewards in life are building up the courage to do something that seemed crazy at the first thought of it.

For example: My weight loss journey. For years I told everyone around me “watch I’m going to be skinny one day.” Nobody believed me because I had been saying that for years. That drove me insane. Why was it so hard to complete a task that seemed so simple? All I had to do was eat right and exercise. So I had enough of talking. I started working towards that goal with laser focus. I wanted to not only surprise those who doubted me, but myself most importantly. Even until this day I am surprised I have got this far and am working on getter even better everyday.


I have created a mindset that will do whatever it takes to get me to my final destination. I use the above tips with each goal I create for myself. My life is driven by desire and purpose. I do not put myself into any situation that does not feed my soul. I hope you can use some of these tips to help you towards yours. If you do please do not hesitate to share. Use my hash tags #TeamPrettyFitJ #PrettyFitGirlsClub #PrettyFitPerformance

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Sending a lot of love and positive vibes! :)

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Jiyan Hasan