Do waist trainers work? Do they burn fat?

Waist trainers do work! The more you wear one, the more likely you are to see results. As for "burning fat," what waist trainers actually do is stimulate thermal activity in your core. This makes you sweat more with minimal effort, so you can maximize your workouts. Some wearers also find that they are better able to control portion size when they eat, since the compression creates the feeling of having "less room" in the stomach.

What’s the difference between the pretty fit waist trainer and the pretty fit sweat waist trainer?

Pretty Fit Waist Trainers are made with Natural Latex and Nylon Lining providing more compression and for day wear. The Pretty Fit Sweat Trainer is made with neoprene to help you sweat while working out and rid the body of excess water.

What size should I get?

Always refer to the size chart when purchasing Pretty Fit Waist Trainers. You should not choose a size too small, or it can cause you discomfort; nor should you choose a size that is too big, or it will be useless. When you are between two sizes, you should choose the bigger size.

How long do I need to wear one to see results?

Instantly! That's the beauty of waist trainers – you put them on and they immediately sculpt 1 to 4 inches from your waistline. If you're wondering about seeing results when you're not wearing the garment, that depends on a lot of factors, including changes in diet and exercise, your body type, genetics, how much you wear it daily, and how much weight you are trying to lose. Everyone is different! 

Where should I wear a waist trainer, under or over my clothes? How should I wash it?

Waist trainers are tailored to be worn under clothes. However, there is no need to make it hidden. Pretty Fit Waist Trainers are sexy and stylish so feel free to wear with just a sports bra! It is recommended to wash the waist trainer every two weeks so that the fabric can contract. It should also be washed in warm water by hand with shampoo.

Are there any problems which can be caused by the waist trainer?

You can feel a little bit unpleasant in the beginning. But if you choose the right size and the right material that suits you, everything will be fine quickly. That is the reason why you should only gradually reduce the size and step-by-step increase the time wearing it. Waist training can be dangerous and can compress your organs, but ONLY if not done properly. If you start to feel any type of pain or discomfort, remove immediately.